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Alfred Kessler - BiographyAlfred Kessler
Born in New York City
B.S. - Fordham University
M.D. - Duke University
Residency in Neurosurgery – University of Chicago
Practice of Neurological Surgery

Painter and Writer in Paris, France since 1968


The mood of Alfred Kessler's paintings, if not their painterly style, derives from German Expressionism:

"My primary intention in painting is to represent a few human emotions which I believe have not changed with time, style of life or sophistication of society - love, loss, desire, fear - qualities common to all people and transcend time. I make no attempt to depict specific features. I try to avoid all signs denoting culture. You see only the form of man and woman in the ecstasy of their passion surrounded by a rather hostile environment of which they are usually largely unaware. My paintings are emotional, if not in their execution, at least in their intention. Despite our different ideologies, despite our minds and their diverging and frequently incorrect thoughts, our emotions are all the same. They unite us if nothing else does."

Exhibitions: Alfred Kessler has had numerous gallery and salon exhibitions in Paris and Europe including a two year tour of paintings in Russia and other eastern countries. He also has made illustrations for various reviews as well as for theater programs and settings.
See the exhibition page for more details.


Alfred Kessler also writes novels and short stories.

"My primary goal in writing is to explore the ordinary individual, the reasons and mysteries as to why a person reacts as he or she does. I believe that action in our lives takes place mostly within ourselves and that our own personal, inner dramas are more important than externals – the major events of the day – over which we have little control."

More on The Eight Day of the Week (published by Pleasure Boat Studio)
and Clara's Bedroom (recently finished and still unpublished).
Also published "Property Values" in "Sheets", an anthology of poetry and prose edited by L. Claire Kincannon.

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